Friday, February 27, 2009


Abraham's blood gases have been a little off. He is requiring a lot of ventilator support. This means that he probably won't "graduate" to a lower level of respiratory support any time soon. The size of his head is getting bigger which increases the chances that he actually will need the shunt placed. This is a subjective finding however because different nurses measure each day. Head ultrasounds are more accurate and he is having this done twice weekly. The last one did not show an increase in ventricle size. Given the positive blood culture, infection, the neurosurgery is weighing the risk/benefit of placing the shunt at this point. Other than the increase in his head size he is not showing any other signs and symptoms of hydrocephalus. Please pray that his infection clears, that he requires less ventilator support and that the fluid on his brain drains like it should. I was feeling dizzy and weak today so we came back to the Fisher House early tonight after having dinner. I just called his nurse and she said that he is doing pretty good tonight, not too many low oxygen episodes and he is resting peacefully.

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