Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Email Update

Hi friends and family,

Just sending this out to see if the new people added get the information. Please feel free to forward this on since I may have missed people, someone from church, scrapbooking, or Triwest in San Diego. We truly appreciate all the support whether it be praying, sending a us a note, caring for our two cats, driving down and going out to dinner with us, giving us advise on premature babies or parenting in general it has been helpful. Thank you.

I am not able to take a ton of phone calls because I am adjusting to multiple situations: first time mom and of a premature baby in the NICU, pumping breast milk for a baby that I can’t even hold yet and a new base. Also I am not a morning person at this time. I am going to try to get back on a normal schedule since the team does “rounds, this is a report where the nurses, residents and attending physicians discuss the patient’s plan of care. It’s daily at 9:30AM in the NICU. I think I will try to go in the morning however given my nursing background and knowledge this could potentially cause me to over analyze. So I might wait a little longer.

Blog will be updated shortly. Since Glenn is in Bremerton the new pictures from today will be updated when he gets back to Madigan, probably tomorrow, depending on the weather. It snowed today in Washington so I advised him that it would be safer to stay at our house, (the cats like having him home any ways).

Since cable was less expensive if we got a home phone line too. Glenn bought a home phone today. That # is (360) 813-1594. We are able to check messages even when we are not at home. Glenn is there tonight 2/10/09 so please don’t call too late or too early in the morning.

Here are the links:

New people the blog is http://babygoddard.blogspot.com/

The picture link: http://picasaweb.google.com/GlennGoddard/Abraham#

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