Thursday, October 24, 2013

Luke Noah 3 months old

Time sure does fly epecially with a healthy newborn that you are able to do normal and typical daily activities with. Well not sure taking him along to all of Abe's appointments is considered normal or typical for most families but it is for us.  When Abe was 3 months old he was still in NICU and was not considered "full term yet" since he was born 3 1/2 months too early. I looked back at some blog posting from April 2009 and I briefly read that I finally noticed Abe's dimple, well nurse Sarah pointed it out to us. We finally noticed it because the ET tube was out and he was on CPAP.  I must say I never believed the every kid has a different personality theory but it is so true. Luke is an awesome sleeper but can't stand car rides especially the trip to church. He just screams loudly and cries like crazy. Abe has always loved car rides and to this day still does. Luke slept for 12 hours the other night and I did not wake him up to breast feed and I did not pump. Man was I in pain from the milk building up but I did not want to wake a sleeping baby. He looks so peaceful. He sleeps with is  hands above his head. Abe on the other hand is not a great sleeper but rarely screams or cries while on a car ride. I guess I would rather have a screaming baby while driving then in the middle of the night. Luke is growing like a weed. At his 2 month check he was 15 lbs 12 oz so almost 16lbs. He appears to be developing as expected,social smiles, flirts, puts both hands in this mouth and grabs and pulls my hair. Might be time for a haircut, my last one was August 2012. I know Luke understands what I am saying to him because he will cry and I was say do you need a diaper change and he will smile, laugh and move his eyes. It is so precious that he communicates with me. Another big difference is I let Luke go to the nursery at MOPS today. I did check on him once because I thought for sure he would want to eat but nope he was enjoying the grandma cuddles there. Abe is 31 lbs but still under weight  but is wearing size 4T to 5T. Tonight he said to us "Mommy I want some food to eat please". So proud that he is speaking in sentences. AWANA cubbies has been difficult the last 4 weeks. He just throws major fits there and does not want to participate until the kids are being picked up at the end. It is frustrating because Glenn and I are both volunteers with it. Last year he did pretty well but it was at a different church and a smaller group of kids. We switched churches in July a few weeks before Luke was born. The other church was over 40 minutes away so that is 80 minutes total of driving with 2 kids. The new church is 20 minutes away.He will do his verses and sing the songs so we know he is gaining some knowledge there. Abe is practicing maneuvering a power wheel chair and some days is more successful than other days. It does require a trip over the bridge to Tacoma so lots of gas and the bridge fee. Abe got his first buzz hair cut by daddy. I am still getting used to it. I miss his pretty hair but he is a boy. Glenn will be 40 next month and I am planning  a party in the tree house for him. Just hope it is not too cold., My mother in law Linda passed away a few weeks ago from cancer, diabetes and heart problems. I know that she is not suffering any longer but I am sad that she won't meet her grandsons until they go to heaven.  I will continue to periodically update this but most information and pictures are on facebook.