Tuesday, November 20, 2012

July 2013

July 2013,some might think well what does that mean especially if you are not a Facebook friend or you don't have a FB account. Abraham will have a sibling July 2013 or even where she or he wants to come into the world. I am really hoping to make it 2 weeks before due date or after. I debated sharing the news so early, I am only 4 weeks 5 days along. I kept waking up for the last few days thinking I need to share the news so more people know to pray. The feeling to share the news just would not go away. For those that know me well I am not a morning person at all however I am waking up super early just full of energy and I just started the vitamin D supplement today. I occasionally take it if I remember however it is important to take daily because Vitamin D has been associated with less pregnancy complications including gestational diabetes, premature labor, preeclampsia. Here is the article http://www.webmd.com/baby/news/20100504/high-doses-of-vitamin-d-may-cut-pregnancy-risk. My doctor did not prescribe 4000 IU, only 1,000 IU.   I did not even hear about taking extra vitamin D with my prior pregnancy but I lived in sunny San Diego too. I know to limit or avoid caffeine because it can decrease blood flow to the uterus however I know some moms that had caffeine daily and still had very large babies, 10 lbs of pure newborn. I also know that ingesting high levels of vitamin A can cause birth defects. Green tea interferes with folic acid absorption. I can spend countless hours in worry about oh no I had a lot of caffeine (soda and chocolate) the last 2 weeks, I had green and Chamomile tea, I took Abe's vitamins instead of my prenatal because they taste good. Interesting the days I ate a lot of chocolate covered almonds and drank the chamomile tea were the days I had the most nausea.  The alternative to this would be to I live life, continue to celebrate our miracle baby's (Abe) accomplishments (he is doing amazing), enjoy what will probably be my last pregnancy since I am 38, get my house organized for a new baby and know that God's plan is his plan and I can't change what he already has in store for my family. Abe visited a family with a  2 boys a 3 year and a 7 month old and Glenn saw that Abe was very nice to the 7 month old. I have witness this as well. He even raises the tone of his voice when he talks to him just like an older child or an adult would. Please pray for us because if you knew me right after Abe was born I said I wanted more kids but I would NEVER get pregnant ever again because I did not want to put myself in a position to see a tiny newborn face life and death. I found some peace in knowing a few moms that have a special needs kid and they all had healthy, typical kids for their next kid. I love Abe with all my heart and I am so thankful he is still here and learning, growing and exceeding any exceptions that were placed upon him when he was just 9 days old. Please continue to pray for a healthy, uneventful, boring, normal, typical full term pregnancy. When I hear moms say how uncomfortable they are when 9 months pregnant I have no clue what that feels like but am desperately wanting to experience it too.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Take a stand

Abraham is growing and changing so much. He is definitely not the little 2 lb fragile baby we could barely touch during NICU life. He is talking, eating, and drinking more than ever. He also has been pulling himself to a standing position a lot. He even tries to climb into the bath tub without assistance. This boy wants to walk however in order to be able to walk he needs a gait trainer or a walker to help him. He gets frustrated in his stander because his feet are strapped down. The stander can move but my wheelchair wheels only. He is in an upright position like his peers. A few weeks a go at church some little girls were running around next to him. He did a push up and tried very hard to get up and quickly went back to the floor and verbalized "no walk". I broke down in tears because it broke my heart that he desperately wants to walk but can not due to the brain injury.  He has the determination he just needs to the practice and tools so he is successful. He is currently on a Bacloefen 10mg. I really did not want him on medication but his muscles are tight without it despite PT, pool therapy and stretching. He saw orthopedic surgery last week and his hip x-rays are abnormal but not so bad that he needs to be rushed into surgery. He will be fitted for new AFOs in a few weeks. MRI for VP shunt showed no concerns and neurosurgery does not need to see him again for one year. Abe was tested and diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. (ASD).  I always thought no that is one diagnosis he does not have but after talking to the doctor and seeing the characteristics it is disheartening. We had him tested because I get asked a lot in the community and by other parents with special needs kids if he has ASD. This qualifies him for 5 days a week of ABA therapy. We are hopeful that ABA therapy will assist with the head banging, spiting and throwing and obsessions with  objects. He gets obsessed with rocks, cars, paper towel rolls, balls and pencils. He tries to carry as many as he can in his hands. Abe had an Inspiration Through Art photo session with Julie Ross with Abundant Life Photography.  The pictures are amazing. I will post the link to share. http://abundantlife.zenfolio.com/abe. The password to look at the pictures is "hero"For now I need to finish my ballot since it is due tomorrow.