Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hospital stay #5

Abraham was in-patient for 2 upper respiratory infections since 2/10/10. I tried to update during his last stay but it did not save. I do daily, probably annoying updates on face book but not everyone that read this is on face book, Mom!!!. Any ways Abe is home now after a 3 night stay, felt longer than that. I am sick to and if I don't get better or I get worse than I am going to be seen my doctor too. Go figure Glenn is gone for 1 month. The day after he leaves we don't have any hot water. The neighbor replaced a part on it but since it is a gas water heater we might be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning due to ventilation issues with the house. Abe got very irritable last month and I thought carbon monoxide poisoning so I called poison control was suggested 911 fire dept. They came out and found no C02. Abe just was getting sick. We spent 2/10-2/14/10 (Glenn and my 4th anniversary) at Children then 2/27-3/2/10. Abe is losing weight again but has been sick twice in 1 month. He is better now but now momma is sick. I am hesitate to do social things now because it's one thing to have a kid that has to stay home from school due to illness and one that requires hospitalization with painful procedures. New changes with Abe: occasional oxygen need when sick, he is rolling more, started PT, eating more solids including peas and mangoes,has 3 teeth, has more hair, is 2 feet 3 inches, is saying more sounds: "ba" "da" "mamma" and is trying to say "poop" thanks to Glenn(for those that don't know him, he is very funny) and loves to hear daddy's voice in our teddy bears or over the computer web cam. He sees the dentist, neurodevelopment this month. His PCM had a baby boy so he will be followed by another doctor while she is out. He is looking at my computer right now, probably wondering where daddy is. I have not been able to talk on the phone much because talking increases my coughing then I have a difficult time breathing. I am not currently coughing but will seek medical attention if necessary. I considered not pumping any longer but Glenn says I could stop when Abe can eat a large steak without assistance, lol. I plan to continue until May to get us through cold/flu season. Social: Abe is a flirt, daddy comes back home in May, might do March of Dimes walk to raise awarness about premature babies, respite care should start as soon as fingerprinting and background checks are done and Grandma Tomlinson comes to visit in April for 2 weeks around Easter time. Pictures will be updated as soon as Glenn can walk me through it. My energy is fading and I am beginning to cough so that is it for now. Might only update monthly.