Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Changes 2012

Wow I had no idea it would be difficult to log onto my own blog but I finally figured it out. Fall causes many changes: outside temperature is cooler, colors of the leaves, the air, the produce you can find in the grocery store and activities. We have some changes in our lives. We have decided to try for another baby. Abe loves kids and we had always planned to have more than one. However given the circumstances at Abe's birth we took every precaution to never get pregnant ever again. We are both 38 so we decided if it going to happen at all it would be better prior to the age of 40. I stopped taking the daily antibiotic that urology put me on just so I am not on any medications expect prenatal vitamins, vitamin D3 and cranactin if I have bladder infection issues. Not sure when or if it will happen but I have also decreased the amount of Coke and Dr. Pepper I drink. I have not completely eliminated it but I do have days without it at all. Abe is currently sick but is still eating and drinking so he probably won't require an inpatient stay. He had had his Inspiration Through Art Photo session and we have a picture of him on his tricycle with a red cape. Thank you Julie Ross for doing this for our family. When I see that picture I think about how much inspiration Abe has been for all of us. He was fighting for his life right from the beginning but now throws "normal" 2 year old temper tantrums. He is speaking more, learning to potty train, riding his tricycle and pulling himself to a stand. He started AWANA cubbies this year. His favorite part is the play time with the other kids.  Professionals involved in his life see a very determined little boy that does not let any thing stop him. His favorite food right now is tortillas with cheese with ground beef or chicken. He calls them "hot tias" He is out growing his clothes including his PJs. He will ask for a clean diaper. All he is doing just blows me away. I remember looking at the brain scans, hearing what the neurologist told us, seeing him hooked up to 16 plus IVs I thought for sure he would not be aware of world. I was wrong and so was that doctor. I am so thankful that I did not pull life support because so many times I felt it was the right thing to do based on my medical knowledge and seeing what this tiny 2lbs child went thru. If we do conceive again we will need a lot of prayer. I really don't want to see a NICU ever again expect from the outside to say hello to the staff. I will continue to update monthly or other month.