Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011

The first thing I can think of today is when is 2011 going to be over. I am so ready for a fresh year. When will my family have no medical issues, no surgeries, no surgical complications, no hospitalizations, no doctors appointments, no pt, ot or speech appointments. Oh wait these appointment will be part of Abe's life probably for the rest of his life. I just want a normal life but as one friend described it today, my life 2 years ago was twisted upside down and sideways. We are thankful for friends and family that are supportive. We are so thankful for Abe and his progress but it is different than a "healthy" kid who only goes in to the doctor for well baby/child checks. I still to this day have no idea why I was selected to carry the burden of caring for a medically complex kid. What did I do wrong or failed to do? He does bring us joy when he giggles at the sound tube toy, tires being tighten at the tire shop or the fork lift sound at Home Depot. he says da, dad to Glenn and it is so cute. Right now he is healthy and has not required any inpatient stays since our vacation to Arizona. He is army crawling and trying to sit up but is not strong enough. He loves to eat real food but is learning to expand to other textures. My surgery went pretty good minus the pain and the contact dermatitis. I must be allergic to something they draped over my belly for the surgery. It is extremely red, bumpy, painful and itchy. I saw general surgery on Friday and went to ER today. They gave me hydrocortisone cream 1% and Benadryl. I personally think I will need a course of oral steroids like I did after the c-section. I thought that one was related to Tide laundry soap but obviously must be the skin prep, surgical sheet or adhesive. There is even redness in the shape of a piece of tape on my back. Last time they did not cover as much area or was not as red but this time it covers the entire abdomen and sides of my back. If the Benadryl I received at the ER today is ineffective then I will need to call general surgery. The next course of action would be oral steroids. Oral steroids will suppress the immune system and hinder healing and put me at high risk for infection; however may be necessary in order to heal the rash. Glenn is here but will need to be back to the ship soon. I ask for prayer that he can stay home for my recovery. Since my immune system is dealing with the allergic reaction the healing process is effective. On a positive note I won't have to deal with gallbladder attacks ever again. I had an attack the night before surgery that lasted all night long. I am thankful that Glenn was able to come home since I am not able to drive or lift Abe.