Saturday, August 6, 2011

30 months old

Abe is really enjoying playing on play structures and being around other kids lately. He climbs up and down the little steps. he works very hard to do this but enjoys it. He does on occasion get very frusterated if he can't get to the next step. He likes going head first on slides and tries this on steps too. PT has been working with him to learn to climb up and down steps (not head first, lol). We are considering trying for another baby but just not there yet. Especially since I will probably be having surgery on the urethra in October. My mom will be coming to visit this Fall too. He saw GI this week at Children's and his weight is up to 23 lbs which places him in the 1 percentile but this is a 30 month so not the corrected age of 27 months. He was in the 5th percentile for height. He is just going to be a tall and skinny kid. GI did not feel that he urgently needed a G-tube right now and was happy with his weight gain. however his constipation needs to be better controlled. Some of the constipation is contributed to his CP which is a neurological condition and his diet favorite cheese and mac n cheese. We went swimming after his appointment at Children' s the other day and he kicked both legs and moved his arms in and out. He wore himself out. The inspection for the new house went well per Glenn's report. I was not able to be there due to Abe's appointments. The builder put in an ADA ramp. Although it's not EHMO we feel that God has provided for us a house that will better meet our needs. If everything continues to go smoothly we will be moving at the end of the month. However we will still need to fix up our current house and put on the market. Since will have 2 house payments to make. The rest of the hardwood flooring needs to be installed in our current home. Abe's stander with wheels is ready to be delivered however due to limited space we are postponing the delivery of this. The activity high/low chair and wheelchair are almost ready for delivering too. Abe is going to love the stander. I selected a light weight wheelchair since I don't want to be lifting a 60 pound chair in and out all of the time. I finally applied for Inspiration Through Art for Abe's photo session. The stories on the website will take your heart and then some. Kids are so amazing. We will be doing some things with Starlight Children's Foundation including Great Wolf Lodge. We have never been there before but we thought it would be a mini vacation and Abe loves the water. Abe and Glenn are sleeping. So good night for now.