Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big boy 21 months

Wow Abe is making strides, leaps and bounds. Finally time to childproof the house. He is exploring everything. I ordered a gate online from One Step Ahead. Hopefully it will work. If my handy man husband was not playing salior then he could have made one to keep Abe safe. I guess the USN owns him so what more can I say. I am just thankful the new flooring was put down in the upstairs living area.He loves to eat now but we have to feed him. We need to give him something that won't stain his clothes up and let him experiment feeding himself. Sorry Abe raspberries are out, lol. He feels like he weighs 21 lbs now. His next weight check will probably be after Thanksgiving. He has a sleep study that might tell us why he still wakes up 4-6 or more times every single night. Makes for one tired mommy. I think caffiene is what keeps me going but I went a few days without it and made no difference in his sleep pattern. We added 2 additional respite providers this month. I am determined to use all 40 hours because every mom needs a break. MOPS speech was on stress last Friday. Very great speech and I had respite so I actually got to listen. Also the speech at mug n muffins really touched my heart and had me crying. We made it game night and had a blast too. Guess mommy is super tired because of all the activities we did over the last few weeks. Oh I am super excited that I have been able to do some Mary Kay again. I will try to update once we know the sleep study results. I also plan to start a night time wean of breast feeding with the hope that he will sleep all night.