Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus

Abe is making leaps and  bounds. He recently started taking the bus to school. The first day was so rough on both of us because the bus was here so early. Today he had an appointment to address his chronic constipation and to fill out EFMP renewal paperwork so he missed school. He said "car seat", "bus" and "go". I told him that he is not taking the bus today. Last week he said "car, car, car as he looked at the window when were having lunch and then he said "bus". Sure enough a school bus had just drove by. He also points out "trees" as we are driving, asking for "fries, fries" if he knows we have some and says "momma sit" while he pats a surface like a chair, the floor or the bed. He is making such huge strides. At school he was staying in his wheelchair during playground time due to damp and wet grounds,but now the ground is drier he is riding a little trike that has made modified. He initiates some of the pedaling and asks to use it daily. We are working on getting a bike for him for home use since it will help with neurological development plus since he does not walk the motion will help with the constipation.I did notice that he leans way over on the trike so this is probably not the best fit for him but he sure enjoys it. He also has recently discovered outside playing. He plays so hard that he rips holes in the knees of his pants. He also got his first "ouchie" that  he is so proud of. Not to mention the torn up shoes.  He crawled from our front yard to side yard to back yard then I helped him take steps to the front door. He absolutely loves to play outside now. Too bad I could not do my dishes out there and laundry since he does a great job at self entertaining.