Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mover and Shaker

Wow is all I can say. Abe has made so much progress in the last month. He moves to find things that is not supposed to play with, typical toddler, right? His vision seems to have improved as well. He sees the eye doctor next month. He still wakes up 4-6 times at night but has been going to sleep between 1030-midnight and will stay in his own bed until I go to sleep. For some reason no matter how quite I am he knows that something is different, the light goes off so he wakes up. I don't turn the lights on when he wakes up at night. He has a sleep study next month to check for sleep apnea. I hope he does not have it because I can't see him keeping a CPAP on. He won't even keep sunglasses, hats or socks on. Yes he takes his socks off himself like his buddies do. I am concerned about the uneven flooring in my front room. Abe moved over there and hung his head over the side. I am excited to see him so active and moving but it is scary too. Since he is so mobile now colds and flus might hit his less so he does not even up in the hospital. He had a flu shot and so did I. Although I had mixed feelings about it this year. I was a little nausated for a few nights after but none of the side effects that the hype is all about. He is wanting to eat more foods. GI might take him off the GERD medication when the last bottle is empty. I will try my best to update this blog monthly. Pictures are on facebook.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

20 months old

Abe and I had one heck of a trip to Arizona. The heat was difficult, carseat installation and 7 day admission to Phoenix Children's Hospital for parainfluzena type 2 and possible VP shunt failure. I heard that the heat broke records in Arizona as being one of the hottest one in awhile. Sorry we missed San Diego but I wanted to keep him close by in case he needed to be readmitted. He continued to vomit and have coarse breath sounds even after hospital discharge. I must say that Seattle Children's is awesome. Very sad about the medication overdoses. Please keep those nurses and family in your prayers. I did not hear the news directly but an event occured that resulted in a death of a young child. Abe is no longer vomiting however he lost 2 lbs while he was sick. We are waiting for referral to GI clinic for follow up reguarding vomiting and GERD. He has been vomiting on and off since late July, early August. He might be a kid that can't handle the heat too. He really liked the incubator that controls the environmental temperature. If you remember he had to be put back in it 3x before he graduated from the NICU. He crawled today completely off his play mat foam. He rolls from his back to his belly when he feels well. He moves around looking for toys or stuff that he is not supposed to get into, typical boy,lol. Now we just need to keep him healthy during cold,flu and RSV season so the hospital is not our second home. Tricare denied a brain MRI but the neurosurgery team, pediatrician and ECHO case manager helping us appeal this. Now it is up to me as a parent to print and fax in their letter and my letter. Wow I feel like I am working as RN again. Our Fall schedule is so busy with appointments, Little Tikes class, MOPS and some social events. I just ask for prayer that he stays healthy. I am a social person and I love to be around people. He seems to be social as well. He fits right in with a room of screaming, noisy kids.Which is great since some premature babies can't handle the stimulation. Not sure if anyone still follows this blog but I am trying to make an effort to update at least monthly.