Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Oh boy:

The Good: Abraham's blood pressure is stable enough for surgery tomorrow (Monday) at 0830. The ear drum on children is easily healed (read the ugly).

The Bad: His Oxygen is at 45% (lowered from 50%), if O2 supply is above 40% for preemies for an extended period of time (days) then blindness can occur (yes, this is not the ugly part). He also has air building up in his stomach, this is bad, but at this point it is minor compared with everything else.

The Ugly: This morning fluid was coming out of his ear, this is a mixed good and ugly. Pressure had built up in his head so much that his ear drum ruptured to relieve pressure. The fluid is spinal fluid, and currently is not infected; however, it easily could be now due to exposure to outside his body. He went for a CT scan today, results are not back.

Karen and I are under a massive amount of stress, there is something new everyday. Right now he is getting another chest X-ray; poor little guy has gotten more chest x-rays in 3 weeks than I have in 35 years.

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