Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 14

Abraham was comfortable today. He mostly just slept and was nicely tucked in with blankets in the incubator. His oxygen saturations went up and down however this is typical for a premature baby. He grew a little in length, he is now 16.8 inches. His weight is 2.10 lbs (about the same). He is a little fighter, he gets his hands and feet going when anyone messes with him. The doctor today said that the medication for the PDA sometimes works and sometimes does not work. It can affect his kidneys (low urine output), so far he is fine in fact he pees more than the diaper can absorb. He is on more antibiotics because his blood culture was postive for gram + cocci. His blood pressure is also low so he is requiring medication to increase it. He has sepsis (infection in the blood) which in very common in hospitalized babies or immunocompromised people.For babies this occurs due to an immature immune system and multiple medical interventions (IV starts, blood draws, suctioning, breathing tubes, ect). Please pray that the antibiotics cure the infection, that the Indomethicin closes the PDA, without any side effects such as damage to the intestines or stomach, bleeding or kidney problems. Please also pray that the brain swelling decreases and that he won't need the neurosurgeon to place a shunt and that he does not need blood pressure medication. Thanks again everyone. It's 10:30PM Glenn is doing laundry and I am going to put away some clothes since we will be here for awhile. Good night.

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  1. Dear Karen,

    My name is Georgia Innes, and I am writing to you to let you know you have a friend in me. I have lived this journey and I COMPLETELY understand what you are going through. This upcoming Thursday Feb 12 - exactly 5 years ago I gave birth to a 23 weeker (boy) weighing only 512 grams and 12 inches. We then spent the next 7 months in the NICU.

    Please know you can call me ANYTIME, day or night. You are welcome to cry, scream and even be quiet. This is a powerful experience and I understand the mirage of emotions it triggers.

    Welcome and lean on the support of God, it is crucial at this time. I would love to continue to pray for you and be of support if you find it would help.

    During our stay in the NICU, we also were given grave odds of our child's survival, as well as many other babies with brain bleeds around us. I can attest that the Medical Doctors were not always correct and several babies with brain bleeds survived and their brains healed. One in particular that I remember was Zachary (26 weeker) a grade 4 bleed in all four quadrants of his brain. He is now a beautiful boy, bright, and healthy.

    God's Love and Grace upon you.
    Arms wrapped around you!