Thursday, February 26, 2009


I had a bit of a rough afternoon with one of his nurses. We just don't see eye to eye however she did try to resolve the issue so I need to forgive her. It boiled down to miscommunication also she is not a mother so it's probably more difficult for her to relate, especially with the stuggles a
mother of a premature baby endures. His oxygen levels got very low today so I almost did not get to hold him. The night nurse let me hold him for almost 2 hours, then his diaper was wet so he was not too happy. He opened his eyes a lot after I held him. I am staying at the hospital tonight; Glenn went back to the Fisher House to do laundry for us. We can wash clothes here too however there are many parents that smoke so I prefer not to use the same washers. I am very allergic to cigarettes. Abraham was resting well when I leave his room a few minutes ago. We truely appreciate the love and support that we have from friends and family in Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. It makes everything feel like a small world. The flight nurse that taught the CPR class last night was working the night we needed the helicopter however she was not part of the care. She just remembers hearing about it.

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