Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Some of you have asked for our address at the VA Fisher House. We are expected to be here for at least another month, however the plan always changes. It depends on what kind of care he needs. It is part of the Seattle VA. Yesterday we found out bad news about his brain but good news about the PDA. An attending doctor and a resident both said the murmur was less. There is potential for the PDA to open up again. The medication has affected his urine output and kidney function however the doctors said this happens and were not too concerned about it. His antibiotic doses were held because they are metabolized by the kidneys and the Vancomycin was at a toxic level in his blood. The lumbar puncture (spinal tap) culture has been negative (this is good) so far however they wait 5 days to see if bacteria grows. There was "old blood" in the spinal fluid sample which is consistent with a brain bleed. Please pray for healing of his brain, kidneys recover, infection to clear and PDA to remain close without any further medical intervention and no surgery and that we can handle the ups and downs and stress.

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  1. For safety reasons I deleted the Fisher House and our home address off this post