Monday, February 9, 2009

1 Week Old

Today we had a meeting with the Pediatric Neurology doctor. Due to the brain bleed he might be blind, have speech difficulties, and or motor control problems. Karen and I are trying to stick to the positives.

He was shifted to a new ventilator which allows him to breath on his own, and gives assisted breaths when needed.

He had his first feeding today, 1cc of breast milk. They did not expected it to stay down, this is just his introduction to food.

Some time this week he might get a cat scan, MRI, EEG, and head ultrasound.

Karen needs sleep and will add more later.


  1. Thats wonderful that he can start trying milk!
    If he could be blind later, would that mean he is now? Didn't Karen say that he was opening his eyes to watch you guys?

  2. So I was looking through the pictures of Abraham again and he looks like he has very expressive eyebrows that can go way up (picts 85 and 91) but even in his sleep it looked like his eybrow was up (pict 163).

  3. yeah I noticed his eyebrows too. I will ask it could be he is using a lot of energy to open them. Apparently for 26 weeks gestation the eyes on some babies are still fused shut. So for him to open them at all is amazing.In the delivery room when they let me look at him it appeared that he was tilting his head back with eyes wide open to look at me.