Friday, February 13, 2009

Transfer to Seattle...REALLY

I stayed at Madigan last night, Glenn was in Seattle. The charge nurse and doctor made arrangements for me to stay in a hospital room. The night charge nurse got me a tray for dinner and I was able to order breakfast. Children's NICU transport team arrived and got him ready for transfer today, 2/13/09. The NICU nurse took some pictures and will send pictures soon. He seems very comfortable, thank you for the prayers. Abraham tolerated the transfer well. He was so stable that the ambulance did not even have to use the lights or siren for transport. His blood gases were a little off when he arrived however the last one checked was better. The NICU environment at Children's is calmer and more private. Appears to have more advanced technology and the nurse ensures a quite environment for him. They also have a top of the line breast pump to use there (same one that I am renting). Also as a breast feeding mother I can get breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafeteria at no charge, up to $9.00 worth of food. This is great because there are many options including a salad bar that actually looks good. They even have a special coffee machine (I am not a big fan of coffee but this would be a nice treat if I was). The doctor at Children's indicated today that they would like him to grow a little more and would like their own assessment before making any decision about surgical or medical repair of the PDA. This doctor thinks it might heal on it own. Please pray that it heals without medical or surgical intervention as there are many risks involved with either intervention. I am very impressed with hospital and staff. I ask for prayer that he can remain in Children's until discharge home rather than being transported back to Madigan. I just think it's too hard on a little one to be transported back and forth. I plan to discuss this with the social worker on Tuesday. Also it is a 15-20 minute drive then an hour ferry ride from our house (would allow us to relax or sleep while heading back home). Thanks again for everything. It has been made evident to us that God provides exactly what we need when we need it.

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  1. That is wonderful. I am gald that he made the trasfer ok and it sounds like the hospital is a wonderful place for you to be. I know it is not the best of circumstances but I wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary! Love you all!