Monday, February 16, 2009

To Have and to Hold

He was stable enough on night shift that I got to hold him. It's called kangaroo care (skin to skin contact). He tolerated it for an hour then his oxygen saturations started to get low so his nurse put him back into the incubator. I might get to hold him again tomorrow. The doctors indicated that the blood culture might have been a contaminate rather than accurate. The bacteria that the culture grows is on everyones skin. He had a lumbar puncture (removal of cerebral spinal fluid) to send for culture and to get a reading of the white blood cell count. He is being tested for meningitis (infection of the brain; some bacteria are able to pass the blood-brain barrier and cause an infection in the structures in the brain. He is doing better, which could be because the antibiotics are working (clearing up the infection) or the PDA is closing or a combination of both. He completed the 3 doses of the medication for the PDA. I think he has an Echo cardiogram tomorrow. Please pray that he remains stable enough to be held, that the PDA is closed, that his infection clears up, his oxygen requirements on the ventilator are at room air or close to it, Fi02 at 21% (currently needs 40-100% depending on what is going on) and that he is stable enough for us to go to Bremerton for Karen's follow up appointment on Thursday. Pictures of him being held will be posted later, Glenn is eating some dinner.

And Glenn donated blood today.


  1. Karen! That is such great news that you were able to HOLD little Abraham! Thank you Jesus! (I got misty eyed when I read about it).
    Looking forward to the time when you get to take him home.
    Pam and I are holding all of you up in prayer every day. It will be nice to visit after we move up.
    God is soooo good!
    With much love.

  2. It made me cry to think of you holding him. I can't imagine how wonderful it must have been for you and for Abraham too! Praise God!

  3. Yeah!!!!! I am so glad that you got to hold him. The pictures are precious and you look wonderful! Love you very much!

  4. I love seeing the slideshow with you holding him. It puts him in perspective. SOOO sweet, God bless him.