Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our little fighter

As you already know his surgery was cancelled today however he was very active today. He is trying to pull out his breathing tube and take the tape off his face. He lost "belly privileges” because he rubs his face back and forth against the blanket. I think he really wants the tube out. We don't want him to do this however it's a sign that he is feeling better. I got to hold him again today. He tolerated it for about an hour. He got a little fussy. His diaper was wet. He gained a pound however it's fluid gain and not "chunk", AKA muscle and fat. He has been soaking his diaper and bed. He might have the shunt surgery on Wednesday depending if the blood cultures are negative for infection. I talked with 2 NICU mothers. Both had twins however for one new mother the boy was stillborn and the girl is doing better. ( 7 weeks in NICU). It was nice to talk to someone that I have a little in common with. She seemed to be dealing well with the struggles that God placed in her life. She said that her daughter is what she was meant to have despite any chromosomal or genetic defects. She has cleft palate and some other medical problems that the doctors are trying to figure out. This mother had a smile on her face, offered advice on lactation and gave me hope. The other mother has one twin in a NICU in Seattle and her other son in a NICU in a different state and does not have any family here in Seattle. I offered that she could come to lunch or dinner with us sometime however her son had surgery today so she did not want to leave the hospital. Maybe another day she can hang out with us in a different environment other than the hospital. Please continue to pray that his infection clears up and that his brain heals. Glenn will update the pictures. There is a really cute one of him in my arms. I think Glenn should have a chance to hold him too however he is too nervous. It makes me nervous too however I have handled babies connected to medical equipment before, just not my own. We are back at the Fisher House tonight so that we can get some sleep (bed and pillows are more comfortable).

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