Saturday, February 21, 2009

Need Prayer

Abraham's blood pressure is dropping, his red blood cell count is low and his carbon dioxide level is too high. He is in respiratory acidosis. He had to be restarted on the blood pressure medication, got a blood transfusion and ventilator settings are as high as they possibly can be and he will probably have to be back on the ossilator/ventilator. On a more postive note I asked if he opens his eyes still or not. The nurse said he really has not opened his eyes today. During this conversation over the incubator he opened both eyes twice as if to say "Yes mother I can open my eyes, now let me sleep". This was reassuring to me that he knew I was there. He must be able to hear my voice so that is a good thing. Glenn is at the car repair getting the window fixed. The neurosurgeon wants to talk to both of us on Sunday. I am nervous about this meeting. Well I am headed back in to see him.


  1. Karen- Know that we are here for you and are so sorry that you are going through all of this. If you haven't already discovered the March of Dimes web site you may want to check it out. I have found a great deal of information there and they offer support to parents experiencing the same things that you currently are. Here is the web site if you want it.

    Take care and know that we love you and will be keeping you and little Abraham in our prayers.

  2. Karen,
    Laura and I came by yesterday to see you at the Fisher house. I know we were dropping in unannounced, but we had hoped to see you. Please let us know what we can to to help you in any way. We are keeping you all in our prayers.
    Karen D.

  3. Karen and Laura,
    Sorry to hear that you came by and did not see us. Which Fisher House, the VA or Madigan? We have been at Seattle since the 13th. Glenn was getting the window fixed and I was at Children's. I have actually stayed the night at the hospital eery night since Thursday. It would be best to call us early in the day or the day before. He is in the NICU Seattle Children's, 4th floor train. You are welcome to visit us here or at the Fisher House however it's best to call us. Karen's cell (602) 361-5754; Glenn's (360) 440-3539. We get to bed around 2AM so please don't call before 10AM. You need a photo ID to get a vistor's pass at Children's. I am spending the night again since his surgery is at 8:30AM in the morning. Thanks again for thinking about us. I hope it was nice day for you, I think the sun was out on Sunday.