Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recap Email

Friends and Family,

We are still a bit overwhelmed however created an “Abraham directory” to send one e-mail update to everyone. This will allow us more time to get rest, see him in the NICU and for me to pump breast milk. We did not expect to be parents so soon; we thought we had until May however God had another plan.

Please let us know if you prefer not to receive this information. His pictures are updated when new pictures are taken and we have time to upload them. The link is:

We turn our phones off when we are in NICU as it is not allowed to be in there.

We are staying at the Fisher House on the Madigan Army base because our house is over 40 miles away. It’s a nice set up and is completely provided to us free of charge. We are in room 5. Here is the address

9999 Wilson AvenueFort Lewis, WA 98433

Just a recap: last Sunday I was 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant, my water broke around midnight, on examination was 3 cm dilated measures to prevent labor were unsuccessful. Normal full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. Since there was not NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at the Naval hospital, the plan was to transfer me still pregnant by ambulance to Madigan Army Hospital, 40 or more miles from Bremerton Naval Hospital, by status changed so then this quickly changed to helicopter. The flight team arrived to transfer me; the doctor said “she is already for transfer”. The flight nurse said “you need to check her”, meaning to see if the labor progressed. The doctor apologized saying “I am so sorry but I need to check again and it may take some time. I said “that’s okay I will just pray” he said if its okay with you I will too. I was found to be 5 cm dilated (10 cm means the baby is ready to come out) and fully effaced, the doctor also felt Abraham’s hand hanging out. Flight nurse: “I don’t want a baby delivered in flight”. It was deemed that I was too unstable for transfer due to the risk of the cord falling out, this would be the baby’s nutrition and oxygen would be compromised. So they kept me on the bed until the flight team returned. The nurse anesthetist, OB, and pediatrician all came in to get my consent for an emergent c-section and helicopter transport for my baby. They prayed with me and then transferred me to OR room. Glenn decided to stay out of the OR room, it was small and required many specialist. Our nurse Wendy goes to our church and revealed to us later that there was a knot in his cord and this would have compromised his nutrition and oxygen inside the womb.

I did pretty well, no complications, just a little vomiting, for me however a different story for Abraham. He did cry and I was pleased to hear that since it requires oxygen and breathing for that to happen. I could not see him. The nurse anesthetist ensured me that he was a boy. He advocated for me to take a look at him. They said, “Oh he is looking for mom” his eyes were wide open and he was trying to see me. Glenn saw him when he was transferred out of the room. He was born at 4:45 AM on 2/2/09, approximate weight of 2.2 pounds and length of 15 inches. He was not expected to live long enough for helicopter transfer; in fact he transferred around 9:30AM. His breathing tube kept coming out. It came out in flight as well.

He required full CPR including for respiratory and cardiac support. Because of being deprived of oxygen he suffered from damage to his brain. On Monday we were grateful to hear that it was a grade 1 (mild) intraventricular hemorrhage (bleed) however his repeat head ultrasound on Friday indicated grade 2 on one side and grade 4 (severe) on the other side. At this point in time it can’t be predicted his level of functioning. Unfortunately damaged brain tissue can not re-grow, nor can medications or surgery correct his problem. His brain is still developing so it’s possible that the other side of the brain can take over function and he might end up with only mild neurological and developmental problems. The doctor indicated that he is “not God” so he does not know the outcome. I ask for prayer that God will step in and completely reverse the damage where the doctors question “wow is a scan of the same the same baby”. I am trying really hard to believe that God can do this however am accepting that fact that I have over 10 years in the nursing field and would be a good mother to a child with special needs.

Oh a positive note: he is so adorable, heart murmur is decreasing in size, kidneys are functioning better (peeing like crazy; he gets fussy when he has a wet diaper, no signs or symptom of infection however he is on antibiotics and antifungal medications for prevention. Still on a ventilator/oscillator (lungs are immature), he is maintaining his blood pressure without blood pressure medications. He does respond to noise touch and moves his body (bit of a wiggle worm). They laid him on his belly last night and he is a lot more comfortable. His nurse today said that she only gave him pain medication around 8:30AM. He is happy on his belly.

Since my pain is way better and I am functioning better (only Motrin since Wednesday, no use of wheelchair use to get to the NICU (long walk from hospital lobby, since Thursday). Glenn stayed there all night and I went over there today. I have been back at the Fisher House since 6:30 PM. I also need prayer that it’s okay for me to take care of myself and not feel that I am abandoning him when I am not there.

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  1. I love that picture. Karnen's right, he does have a lot of hair for his age! And its just the color of his dad's too.