Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Some people have had problems posting comments. What we have found useful is writing the comment as a text document and coping it and pasting it, because sometimes it does not go thru the first time.

From the McKinley's:
I'm so glad to hear that your little guy is feeling a little better!I was wondering about when you say that you sleep at the hospital. Does that mean that you are allowed to sleep in a recliner next to Abraham or that you sleep in a separate room from him?We love you guys and are praying for you often!

There is a little sleep room on a separate floor that has a little bed, light, and alarm clock. The hospital issues a pager to parents so they can immediately get in touch with the parents to inform them of things, not just emergencies. We can call anytime and talk to his nurse, usually that is around 1 or 2 am before we go to bed (if at the Fisher House). I (Glenn) usually go back and forth between the Hospital and the Fisher House and allow Karen to stay at the Hospital, I go back and forth to get Karen items and to do laundry.

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  1. "Blogspot" in general has been having problem with posting and even deleting some followers. So just post a little note that it's better now but your advise was good. I know this because my blog and others I now that have blogs are all having the same problems . But I believe they are OK now. But if your followers leave it is not because of you.
    I am praying for you all. God bless