Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stuck in an Elevator

Karen had just finished eating and we headed back down to see Abraham. We got in the elevator on the 5th floor to go down to the 4th floor. In the elevator, there was Karen, another lady, meal delivery guy with his cart of food, and myself. The door shuts and the lights for the floors we pressed went out, so we pressed the floors again and nothing. We tried again and nothing; the meal guy hit the alarm button and … nothing. So we opened up the call box and pressed the call butting the phone rang a few times and “You have reached Children's hospital, all of our receptionists are busy, please wait", everyone chuckled a little. After a few moments the operator answered and asked “Are you having trouble with the elevator?” I replied “Yes”. She asked “Where are you?” I replied “On Train #2”. She replied “Ok….” Then we got a dial tone and the phone rang again, and again and then “You have reached Children's hospital, all of our receptionists are busy, please wait" after a few more moments a different operator answered and asked nearly the same question if we were having trouble and she said someone would be right out. After a few more minutes there was a voice on the other side of the door that said “Are you ok in there?” Someone replied “we are fine. The guy on the other side said: “I’ll have you out in a minute”. The door jostled here and there for a few minutes then quite, so I jokingly asked “you haven’t giving up on us have you”… I did not get a reply, so I said “I will take that as a yes”; this caused someone else to laugh. At some point in time I said “At least we won’t starve” as there was a full cart of food in the elevator. So after a few more minutes the lights flashed and the bell rang and the doors opened. We all got out in a very calm manner on the same floor we got in on. Then, this rather impatient man rushed into the elevator; I told him at least 3 times that we had just gotten stuck in that elevator before he realized what I was saying. So we got in another elevator and went down.

Well, that being said:
Abraham is doing well (for his condition). He is up to 3cc of milk every 3 hours (very, very good). He got the bandage for his PDA (heart surgery) off today and the wound looks good. The date for his surgery to install the shunt in his brain keeps getting pushed back for various reasons. Right now it MIGHT be on Tuesday. Things change on a daily basis. Don’t worry; Karen will add more stuff later.

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  1. That is too funny! You had me really LOL. I am glad that Abraham is eating well, we are praying that the surgery really happens this time. Love you all, Aubri for the Roundys