Monday, March 23, 2009


He tolerated being held for a long time today. He made me nervous though because he was moving his head so much that I thought his breathing tube was going to come out. He is tolerating 1 ounce of breast milk with fortifier every 3 hours now so his PICC line (central venous catheter was taken out). This decreases his risk of infection. He was very lethargic tonight with his 8 PM care. I mean completely different than earlier in the day or the last several nights. This really concerns me. His nurse thinks it's because he is working hard to maintain his body temperature. I just know as a mom he was completely different, I mean he did not put up a fight at all. He lost 500 grams too. I am not sure if he was lethargic because he used a lot of energy when I held him today. I am also concerned that he is showing signs of infection or this is a neurological sign. There is a risk of infection when pulling out a PICC line too. If he loses more weight then he is back in an incubator with no clothes on. I hope that when I see him tomorrow he is feisty because being lethargic is not a good thing. Please pray that he will continue to tolerate his feeds, gain weight, maintain his body temperature and not get an infection. He is not quite ready to go off the ventilator yet his rate is still at 35 however the pressure support and oxygen level requirements are low (good thing).

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