Saturday, March 7, 2009

Still growing

The attending physician had the discussion with us today about the CT scan results for 3/6/09. There is some brain tissue and he was definately born with a brain. However there is damage. He will probably have deficits. The extent of the deficts is unknown, more likely moderate to severe than mild. The physician had a great bedside manner, very tactful and asked us "Do you think that he is in distress and is suffering?". Abraham looks comfortable to us. He even asked the nurse's opinion if she thought he was in distress today. She did not think so. He did not require and sedatives or pain medications today. He was sleeping on his belly during our conversation. His nurse is pregnant and her son is due May 1st; a few days before Abraham was due. She is very nice and understanding. However I look at him and wonder "he would not being going through all this" if he was still comfortable inside my womb. At the same time there was knot in his cord and he might not have room to grow due the heart shaped uterus. For those of you that don't know us, I am 5'3 and Glenn is 6'1 so he probably would be have been a big baby. His oxygen level remained stable too. It is recommended to see how he can tolerate feeding and if he can breath on his own without the ventilator. He is getting 1 mililiter of breast milk every 12 hours and his ventilator settings will be lowered tonight to see how he tolerates it. If he does not tolerate the change in the ventilator then the settings will be increased again. We have decided to let him grow and "wait and see". We watched the new Veggie Tale, "The amazing Abe", we bought it a few days before he was born. It talks about patience. Abraham and Sarah had to wait to have the son that God promised them. I guess I need to "wait and see" how he grows and if God heals him.

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