Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surgery finally happened.

That’s right neurosurgery decided that it was time to take him today. He is in recovery right now. The neonatal resident and fellow had a long discussion with me last night after the neurology nurse practitioner went over the most recent cranial ultrasound results. The most recent results showed “cystic changes” which is attributed to the IVH (intraventricular hemorrhage).It affected the white matter of the brain which means that there is a high probability that he will have cerebral palsy. This was hard news for me to take alone at the hospital. However it was probably a blessing that the neonatology fellow and resident witnessed first hand the ups and downs in his oxygen level (could be a sign neurological sign rather than just “a normal preemie thing”) during our long discussion. Just to reiterate the “ups and downs” of NICU life, the type of surgery to be preformed changed about 30 minutes prior to taking him to the OR because he has a high white blood cell count which is probably related to the infection. He had an external ventriculostomy inserted. He has hydrocephalus which sounds more like a diagnosis rather than a symptom now which means that he will require additional shunts and revisions if infected or he grows. The current drain is external and temporary. He is going to be sedated for awhile so I will probably go back to the Fisher House tonight. I almost got to hold him today however the OR staff called right after the nurse was getting ready for this. Now that he has the external drain, which is sensitive to position changes I probably won’t be able to hold him again until after he has the internal one placed. Please pray that he does not get an infection, that he will not require the permanent shunt placed and that God will heal his brain. Sorry if this blog does not make sense I am very sleep deprived and worried.

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