Thursday, March 19, 2009


I had another appointment in Bremerton today. The midwife I met was very nice. She experienced a loss in her family so she could relate to the stress of having a loved one in the hospital and being far away. She reminded to follow my faith and to accept support from other people. I wanted to find some of my clothes, shoes and TENS unit for my neck pain however I spent my time re-washing all of my clothes and at appointments. I was using Tide which my mother says I am allergic too. Well my mother was definitely right. I won't wash my clothes in Tide again. Abraham had his eye exam today, I don't have the official report but his nurse said that nothing significant was found from what she read. He has an ultrasound of his head is on Thursday. Changes: feeds are up to 17 cc (1 teaspoon is 5 cc) every 3 hours and they are adding human milk fortifier so that it equals 22 calories per ounce. This made me feel inadequate however apparently breast milk has 20 calories per ounce. They can't increase the volume of breast milk for him at this time so the next best thing is to add calories. He needs the calories and this has nothing to do with my breast milk not being good enough. I really wanted to do everything all natural: no c-section, no epidural and nothing artificial however God had other plans. When I was told that I would need a c-section I even requested to not have any anesthesia however the nurse anesthetist said that would not be an option. I am so glad that I listened to him. A c-section with no anesthesia probably would have sent me into shock so the benefit outweighed the risk. If I get pregnant again all of this unexpected and stressful stuff won't happen; Just a normal healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby. I brought in some clothes for him tonight that my former c0-worker in San Diego gave us. I can't wait to see him in different outfits.

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  1. I had to supplement the breast milk we gave to Micah when he was so sick. We had to boost his calories up to 27 per ounce. It is important for them to get fat on them, it affects their long term health. I went through the same feelings of inadequacy, try to not listen to those voices. You are doing everything in your power that you can do.