Sunday, March 15, 2009

3/14/09 (no new pics)

Glenn will work on updating the pictures on Sunday, probably late Sunday since we are usually at the hospital until 9PM or later. The doctor did not give us the CT scan results. Glenn went to Bremerton with Mark McKinley, (he is here from Alaska for work, and we know him and his family from when we lived in San Diego). Thanks Mark for helping organize the house a little. The plan is to re-model the house before May. Glenn came back tonight to pick up at the hospital. He seemed to be comfortable today however still has a low oxygen level at times. His heart rate stays good which means that this is related to his lungs. We might have to get rid of our cats if he has asthma as a result of being premature and needing so much breathing support. We won’t know this until later on. One concern is that his head size increased 1 cm since Thursday. This probably means that he will need another shunt placed. His feeds will increase to 7 milliliters every 3 hours. Yeah, I think most babies take 60 milliliters at this age. He is a long ways from feeding like other babies. He has a breathing tube so his feeds are given in the NG tube. He barely tolerates anyone touching him for diaper or positions changes. He is almost 32 weeks gestation however he still should be inside the womb and not in the outside world. Some day he will tolerate being held and touched better. He does like to be wrapped in a blanket now. I went to the health fair today at the hospital. I learned that children need to see a dentist as early as 1 years of age. I thought it was at age 3 or older. I got a free bike helmet and fitting too. I also found out that the music therapist can make a CD recording of our voices for Abraham. Glenn thinks reading a book to him on the CD would be a good idea. I asked the nurse about this and she passed it on to the night nurse. I also learned about a free parent magazine and a website that sends you information based on your child’s age. The hospital was so crowded today.

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