Monday, March 23, 2009

Favor to Ask

Does anyone sew? If so would you have time to make and sew on washable tags on his clothes and blankets? This is so his clothes don't get lost at the hospital. Preferably someone locally in Washington so they don’t have to be shipped somewhere. I graduated with high honors from nursing school but I don't have a clue how to sew. I actually failed it junior high, received a C--. My mother and sister Annette know how to sew but I got the other genes, (meaning I am a very poor homemaker). However they both live in Arizona. Glenn knows how to sew however he has so many other things to do right now, work on the ship, commute back and forth to see the baby, and work on getting the house ready for the contractors, that he probably does not have time that time to do so. I hate to burden people but we have so much going on right now and I identified this as a need. We would truly appreciate this.


  1. Karen,

    Consider it done! AS I said yesterday, we live 25 minutes from CHildrens. I am more than happy to pick the clothing up somewhere. Let me know.


  2. Hi Karen, Glenn, and ABE the BABE! Told you I would visit!
    I got the day off today (8 hours worth anyway), and was thinking about you, so here I am... I'm rooting for extubation very soon! Don't worry too much if he needs to go back into an isolette, it's more important that he grows and in an isolette he can use his energy for that instead of for keeping warm. He can do it! Go Abraham!