Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eye Exam

Eye Exam, well that’s what they called it. Having watched the procedure; I am pretty sure this practice was banned in the Geneva Convention. I should have guess this was a painful exam when it started with a shot of morpheme. That was the first and last eye exam of a preemie I will ever watch, I was in pain just watching it. They not only pried the eyelids open but the skin around the sides (so they could look at the eyeball itself). There is no way I would have let a doctor do that to me. Well, the eye doctor said Abraham reacted to the light; so that means he does have some sight. His eyes are underdeveloped, but normal for his gestational age. His eyes will be checked every 2 weeks to check for development.

For having a hole put in his head (literally) yesterday, he was active today. He was actually trying to take the gauss off the top of his head, not a small feat for someone of his size. Karen will fill in with more ‘clinical’ information.

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