Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Month old

I got to hold him today. The nurse positioned him so I could look at his face. He did open his eyes. He lasted about 45 minutes then his oxygen levels got too low. He might have the shunt surgery on Wednesday. It is still up in the air, depends on what the neurosurgery thinks, what the ultrasound results from today are and his blood cultures. He has had several "desaturations" AKA low oxygen levels so this could be a neurological sign or a sign that he was not tolerating his tube feedings. They stopped the tube feeding yesterday around 5PM. He might have reflux. Glenn is not feeling well so he left the hospital yesterday evening. I stayed here. He is still not feeling too well. I heard that a "bug" is going around the hospital right now. Hopefully he will feel well enough to come tomorrow. I sleep better at the Fisher House than the hospital. I checked on Abraham in the middle of the night. I thought I would find a baby fast asleep. Nope he was peeling the tape off his face and pulling the NG tube. I tucked his hand in the blanket however in the morning he was successful in pulling out the tube. Thankfully he did not pull out the breathing tube. He is trying though. I guess he figured "these people aren't feeding me any more so why should I have this tube down my nose". He left it alone when he was getting fed. Well I need to get some dinner. Hopefully it won't be so noisy in the sleep rooms tonight. It appears that some parents are smoking in the showers. I have noticed this a couple of times. Hard to believe that people would do this in a Children's Hospital. I can't wait for Abraham to be discharged home however this will be a long time from now.

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