Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Abraham had a pretty good day today. His temperature was up and down which could be a "normal preemie thing", an environmental thing, infection or a neurological sign. Thankfully his nurse listened to my concerns and checked that his white blood cell count is elevated. It was supposed to be checked again on Thursday however it will be done in the morning. He is so cute when he opens his eyes. I guess sometimes he does not always open his eyes for people. The neuro nurse practitioner, neurosurgery fellow and resident came in to give me an update. Apparently the color of the cerebral spinal fluid is normal for his age. He is up to 4 pounds however this is a significant weight gain so it might not be accurate. His weight is checked nightly. He is not stable enough to put on a normal baby scale. He is weighed in his incubator. The nurses keep saying "wow he is big for a preemie". His feeding is up to 1 mililiter of breast milk every 3 hours. Today when the nurse, resident and I were so busy looking at his belly he got his little hand around his NG tube (feeding tube) and pulled on it. I caught him in action and stopped him. He is very active and aware of his surroundings. He does look healthier to me however he is still in critical condition because he suppose to be in-utero until May. I am thankful for the prayers that are healing him. On a side note his nurse told me that I look like am 18 years old. Wow that's giving me more than 10 years since I am almost 35. It must be the Mary Kay skin care that I have been using for 9 years and genetics.

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  1. I'm so glad little Abraham is gaining weight and the CSF appears to be normal! I miss you all! Love, Jan