Friday, March 27, 2009

My Son Definately has Sailor Blood

He has sailor blood because when I held him on Monday he farted on me and it smelled so bad. He could have done this before I held him but no he waited. Maybe he will do this to daddy too. One of the ladies at the Fisher House think he will take after Glenn and I will have my hands full all the time. Also he was sneaky today, he pulled out his oral-gastric tube (tube that goes down the throat to the stomach) when no one was looking. I told him this is his food source. Hopefully he listened. He also managed to get his arm un-tucked from his blanket and use the hand with the IV in it to pull off the hand mitt off. He calmed down when I was there with him but the minute I stepped away and let some friends take a peek at him he started fussing again. I heard him cry today too. His cry is not a strong as Brenden's, Matthew's or Jaylean's (San Diego babies, well toddlers now) but enough to make your heart break to hear it. Since he has been intubated it's good to hear him cry. Other than recently I have not heard him cry since he was born. Glenn has never heard him cry. He is still on CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and in an incubator. He can't regulate his body temperature. This can be because he is still young (33 weeks gestation) or from the hydrocephalus. His thyroid test showed that he still needs medication and he has adrenal insufficiency. I am not sure what is causing the adrenal insufficiency. I wonder if it's related to the damage to his brain since the brain regulates everything the body does. The care conference is tomorrow at 2:30. He has another cranial ultrasound tomorrow. Please pray that everything goes well with the care conference and that we get reassuring news rather than very bad news. The attending physician is new this week so it will not be with the one we are familiar with however she seems very nice and has tons of experience.

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