Monday, March 16, 2009

First Bath

He had his first bed bath last night and his nurse brought in some clothes. He was too long for some of them since he is just about 17 inches. He is a little over 4 pounds. I got to wash and comb his hair. He was awake and calm after his bath. He was stable enough to get a smaller "house" AKA incubator. The other bed was for micro-preemies. They only have two of these beds. Apparently Children's Hospital is not use to working with young preemies. They are use to dealing with older neonates with complex medical problems. His nurse today played some music and he seemed to enjoy it. The head CT showed improvement but the ventricles were still very large and the brain tissue is thinner than it should be. Please pray that God will heal his brain and make him strong. He does have a personality. He definitely did not want to be bothered today when he was sleeping. He enjoys lying on his belly so his head is getting misshaped. We are back in Bremerton now. The contractor is coming by to start working on the plans for the re-model. Wow Glenn and Mark really did a lot on Saturday. They needed to clear space for the contractors. The house is still a mess but hey what can you say I had a c-section 1 1 /2 week after we got here. Apparently my incision is bigger than the norm too. I rested a lot the week prior which was probably good for him, allowed him to grow to 2 pounds. Some other babies in the NICU weigh 1 pound. Well I should get some sleep. Oh by the way no new pictures have been posted. Glenn will work on this or at least show me how to. We borrowed a friend's camera and are returning it. We started using our own camera today.

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