Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sneaky Baby

I got to hold Abraham again today for 1/2 hour in a blanket. We did not do skin to skin contact because I have a rash on my stomach. The resident checked it and was not concerned about it. I don't have fever or other symptoms that would warrant concern. The drain in his head is draining more which concerned me however his head was full so this is good. I am not really sure why this would have happened if the purpose of the drain is to prevent fluid from accumulating. Glenn commented "this could mean that the fluid was still present and the CT scan did not show the brain tissue re-expansion". Yesterday we were told that the drain is draining at the same rate the body of producing the fluid (probably not a good thing). I am going to ask tomorrow. Glenn headed back to Bremerton tonight with a cooler full of breast milk. We are running out of freezer space. One of the nurses tonight mentioned a breast milk donation program. I forgot to ask her more about it. He is getting 1 cc of breast milk every 8 hours. It was every 12 hours. So this is a step in the right direction. He is a sneaky baby, as we were leaving we peeked in to see him, he had his left hand on top of head and he was messing with this drain. I tucked his hand in blanket and placed the little cloth hat over it. He did not pick on his head before the drain was there. This probably means that his brain is working beyond what the doctor says is "just a reflex". The doctors and nurses are very kind, don't get me wrong however they also have to give us all the information that they know about him. Another positive he is stable enough that his night nurse was assigned to another patient too (sign that the level of care is less intense). He tolerated lower ventilator settings in the rate, pressure and FI02 (oxygen level). Well I will be on my own since Glenn is headed back to work. He does plan to visit when he can. He needs to get some stuff done back in Bremerton, work with the contractor to extend our house (our house is very small) and we had planned to put in a dishwasher, bigger kitchen and maybe bathroom before May. He also needs to enroll Abraham in DEERS so that his Tricare (health insurance) coverage continues. Pictures will be updated on the weekend when Glenn can upload them.

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