Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still In-patient

New pics. Abe is doing better but is still on medical unit at Children's. He is on 0.3 liters of oxygen.
When he can tolerate 0.1 liters and show no signs of infection he can be discharged home. His lungs sound clear to the nurses and doctors. This admission has been stressful. He went from all oral feeds either bottle or breast to continous NG tube feeds. He is getting 32 oz daily. My breast milk supply went so low that he required formula. This is difficult for me since it is the one thing with my child that I have control over. He was given 12 hours of Simulac Advance with my permission. We had no other choice since the frozen milk exceeds the hospital standards. The attending doctor recommed Domperidone which is from Canada. I know some women from LLL meeting that have taken it. I am going to inquire about any side effects or adverse reactions. The doctor also mentioned donor milk however I don't feel comfortable with this. Abe had foul smelling diarrhea with Simulac so if he needs formula again then Nutrimagen will be used. The plan is to decrease oxygen by 0.1 every 12 hours. He might go home Monday. Well he just fell asleep so when I finish pumping nap time for mommy too. We hope he is better for the Christmas party for former NICU families at Madigan. It would be a nice for them to see how cute he is and not a sick, fragile baby on deaths door. His smile is so cute but I am his mother.

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