Saturday, November 21, 2009

Increased oxygen need

New pictures will be available soon. Abe is not spiking fevers any longer, his heart rate and respiratory rate are closer to his normal however he is having episodes of low oxygen saturations. His oxygen was increased from 0.1 to 1 liter. The higher need for oxygen is related to his NG tube feeds and the infection. His left foot was red, hot and swollen. This is the same foot where his blood was drawn. There was potential for a blood clot in his foot however the doctors don't feel that is an issue since his foot is better. When he was desating I thought, "oh no he has a pulmonary emboli (blood clot that travels to the lungs and causes respiratory distress" This was ruled out and more common in adults than infants. The blood cultures that were drawn at Naval Hospital were positive for gram positive rod (e-coli is a gram positive rod) however Children's repeated the culture since it was a heel stick and not a peripheral stick (blood from the veins). He is on a broad spectrum antibiotic so it will be effective against gram + or gram - bacteria. The fact he does not have a fever I would say that the medications are working. His IV went bad so the nurse had to re-start a new one. Thankfully she got it with one stick. He is acting a little more like himself however he still won't show me his dimple, not smiling. Still don't know when he will be discharged home however I doubt it will be before Monday or Tuesday. He is not tolerating NG tube feeds, has low oxygen with it, so he is getting a little breast milk via NG tube, 40 cc/hour. Discharge criteria would: fevers stable, no increased oxygen demand, tolerating NG tube feeds and breathing easily. He is in isolation so it is not recommended for us to have visitors. It will take him some time to recover after he is discharged so we will probably take a break from bible study, MOPS and church.

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