Thursday, November 19, 2009


Abe came back postive for influzena type A, most likely H1N1. He was given a dose of antibiotic and started on Tamiflu. He is not doing well with taking his medications orally. He might require NG tube for medications and for feedings. We are going to try the Tamiflu in a small amount of breast milk. He is still working very hard to breath however is looking better and acting more like himself. He has fight in him (good thing for such a sick baby). He is not really wanting to be held and wants to sleep. Not sure where he picked up the flu but interesting that he had dose number 2 of the seasonal flu the day prior to getting punky on us. The flu shot is not a live virus so we think he probably already contracted it before Tuesday. He was a little clingy and fussy Monday night. Please continue to pray that his fever will break and his work of breathing will lessen so he can eat and get the antibodies the breastmilk will provide. I am not sure if Glenn and I will need Tamiflu.

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