Friday, November 20, 2009


Abraham is doing a little better. He even put his right hand over his IV. We had to cover it with a sock so he does not pull it out.I put his crinkle book, he loves toys that make the crinkle noise, near him and he started to play with it a little. Then he fell asleep. He has not had a fever since early today. His cheeks are not flush and he is more alert and awake. He is still receiving IV fluids and was started on NG tube feeds at noon today. He will get 4 oz every 3 hours day and night. He is not strong enough to eat orally right now. He is still working really hard to breath and his oxygen saturations are lower. They are going to check with the doctors if he needs his oxygen flow increased. He is still on 0.1 liter (same as home). At home he does decrease to 87-88% however usually without oxygen. He has been holding his legs in the frog position, which could be a neurological sign. Neurosurgery feels that he does not have a VP shunt infection however they are also monitoring him while in-patient. He has a follow up CT scan and appointment scheduled the first week of December. Not sure if I posted this here or on face book however he also has pneumonia. We are not sure when he will be discharged home. However his fevers, respiratory status and nutrition/hydration would all need to be under control. He probably will need NG feeds at home.

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  1. We are praying for your little guy and for you and Glenn too! We love you guys.