Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am typing from phone fo please bear with me. Abe's chest x-ray looked worse on Sunday however the doctors said that it is common for it to not show up right away. He is still in strict isolation. I had vomiting on Saturday night so I had to leave him very unstable. I drank a Sweet Leaf Mint and Honey tea that I got at the hospital. It did not taste right but I drank it. I contacted them and they are going to contact distributor. Could have been an issue with proper lid seal. I got better quickly, that night. I had planned to stick around the hospital until he improved. He is improving however he was requiring 1.5 liter of oxygen, at home he is on 0.1. When I left tonight he was on 1 liter. I wanted the nurses to lower him to half a liter however they did not want to do it while he was sleeping. He is not working as hard to breath but still too much to go home. Also he is in pain. He did play with his toys tonight a little and he made baby noises and smiled. He is on continous ng tube feeds and might go home like that. I am going to ask about changing his antibiotic to oral since he won't go home on iv antibiotics. Also his oxygen requirement needs to be less. He is getting CPT from respiratory. This helps break up the mucus on the lungs. Oh he has right lower lobe pnemonia. He will remain in isolation until the the viral screen is confirmed. He has had some wonderful nurses. I have been too stressed and tired to really help in his care other than pumping the breast milk. I am going to sleep while Glenn waits for the laundry to finish. I have had to wash clothes daily since I only have two shirts and two pants. I am going to give a friend a set of keys to the house and have a "just in case bag packed" Thanks for the support. He is a little fighter. We will post more pics

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