Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not well

Abe had his second seasonal flu vaccination on Tuesday and Wednesday morning he had a cough. We went to his scheduled appointments then headed back to Bremerton only to miss the 5:30 PM ferry. Had to wait until 6:45 pm and the heat in the Jeep is not working. Abraham was not taking in very much fluids however he could not eat for 3 hours prior to abdominal ultrasound. He took in only 8 oz since midnight so when we got to Bremerton we called pediatrician on-call. (He also had dry lips, flushed checks, fever of 101.1 and decreased urine output). We took him to Bremerton Naval Hosptial where he had blood cultures, IV fluids, chest x-ray, VP shunt series (x-ray that looks at his shunt). He was then transfered to Children's via ambulance. I would have just taken him to the ER when we were in Seattle however I am not sure if Tricare would have allowed this. It would have saved us huge travel time. By the time Abe and I arrived at Children's he was working hard to breath, although maintained his oxygen saturations without increased oxygen requirement. They are not sure what is wrong with him but he is being worked up for RSV, H1N1 and other cold/flu viruses or bacterial infections. His second chest x-ray really was inclusive of pnemonia however his clinical picture shows possible evidence. He can't eat right now however is getting IV fluids. CT scan in the middle of the night showed that his shunt was draining too much CSF so neurosurgery NP, UW grad, :-), reset it to drain slower. He still has fevers, flush checks, working hard to breath and is full of gas. So anti-virals or anti-microbial agents have been started. His heart rate is very high and respiratory rate however he is maintaining his oxygen saturations on 0.1 liters of oxygen (what he uses at home). He is not very interactive, appears to be in pain if moved and just wants to sleep. Neurological causes are also being ruled out. We are not sure when he will be discharged however please pray that he will return to his spunky self. He won't even smile to show me his dimple. He gave me sad lips when I asked him to show it me. His urine output has increased. Glenn is sleeping right now. Abe is in strict contact isolation so I don't think we can have visitors. Glenn and I are healthy. The nurse had to wear a special mask when collecting his nasal swab (test for viruses like H1N1). I am headed back to his room now. We might not make it on Sunday for the baby shower. Depends on his status, if we go home and also if it recommended for him to be around other children and people. He looks like a very sick baby in his crib here at Childrens. Thanks for prayers.

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