Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick post

Abe has been home for a little over a week. Happy, smiling and eating some solids again. He gained a pound while he was sick and it getting NG tube feeds for 3 and 6 AM. Occasionally midnight too however he is usually awake any time between 12:30 and 2:00AM. He some times does oral feeds for 3AM however he is usually snoring at this time. Mommy is awake because her alarm goes off every 3 hours to feed baby. His diaper rash got worse, most likely progressed to a yeast type diaper rash. His doctor called in triple diaper mix and it took a couple of days but his bum is still on the mend. Hopefully he won't need formula or antibiotics again. These both contributed to the diarrhea and skin break down and diaper rash. We are using some of the frozen milk since he requires 32 oz daily. Hopefully my supply will increase however it is tiresome to keep pumping. It's been 10 and 1/2 month. He sometimes even eats more too. Plus he is eating avocado, whole milk yogurt (healthy bacteria to help with the yeast diaper rash), pears and rice cereal. His VP shunt had to be reset last week, draining too quickly again. Plus CT scan showed CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) in areas where you typically would not see it. He sees neurosurgery again on the 17th. If the body has not reabsorbed the fluid then he might need surgical intervention. I really don't want his head to surgically tapped into again however it might be necessary. Given his age and risk factors I doubt it would be an outpatient procedure therefore he would be admitted again. Please pray that he stays healthy, that Glenn and I stay healthy and that his VP shunt works properly so that he does not require more surgery. Glenn will be leaving in February for school so please also pray that we get more done at our home before he leaves. We had some issues with both vehicles There is NICU Christmas party at Madigan (Army Hospital where he was air lifted to) this weekend. We are looking forward to seeing the nurses, doctors, ect that took care of him when he was so fragile and ill. He is a 16 pounder now so not a fragile.

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  1. I'm praying for you guys. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!