Sunday, September 13, 2009


abe is not wanting to eat. i am not sure what is going on. he might be getting a tooth in. if he lost weight or did not gain then formula will be added and a medication to stimulate his appetite. i really dont want either. i have stressed myself out trying to get him to eat. i am so tired of pumping.some women r lucky enough to only have to pump a few times. i have been pumping 5 to 8 times daily for over 7 months. it makes it difficult to have a normal life. going to church some times is even overwhelming. i would stop but it is the best thing for him and i have fought tooth and nail for him to be only on breast milk. majorioty of NICU mothers stop pumping/ breastfeeding long before now. please pray that abe will continue to grow and thrive on the breast milk and that i will have the endurance to keep pumping or trying to get him to breastfeed. he is refusing to eat either by bottle or nursing. neurosurgery did not feel this was a shunt failure sign. increased intracranial pressure can cause poor oral intake. he is other wise happy with some periods of fussiness. i am typing this from my phone so it may be poorly written also it is very late.

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