Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally new pictures

Abraham is still NG tube free. His weight was only up a little, 13 lbs 12 oz to 13 lbs 14 oz. However he had his immunizations last week so his appetite was decreased for 3 days.Although his weight gain is not much at least he is not losing weight. He usually does not want to eat at midnight or 3 AM. It varies from day to day thou. He wakes me up around 4AM to eat. He still has reflux but is less since the NG tube has been out. The GI doctor suggested taking out the Zantac since he is not wanting to take it. If the reflux continues and causing desats (low oxygen) then he will have a Ph probe study. If his appetite continues to be down then he will be put on an appetite stimulate. I feel that his appetite was down from the immunizations and not because of something that requires medical intervention. We are working on breastfeeding however it is difficult when you have a medical community that is pushing using a bottle since you can visually see what the baby is drinking.I did pick up a supplementer nursing system (alternative to bottles)(attaches to the breast with a bottle attached. This will allow him to breastfeed and we can see visually what he takes from the bottle attached. He is getting hungry now. Please pray that he will continue to grow well without the NG tube. He is almost 7 x his birth weight but needs to continue in the right direction. The growth chart shows that he went straight up.

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