Monday, August 3, 2009

Still waiting

I called to schedule his surgery today and the lady that is filling in today had no idea that it needed to be clarified with the surgeon. It was supposed to be discussed at the staff meeting. He is in surgery all day now. Having been a prior adult and pediatric surgical nurse I know you don't page a surgeon during surgery unless it is urgent. Although pediatric surgeons are usually a little more receptive. Those in the medical profession will agree that surgeons a breed of their own. However God made them to help people and thankfully they can provide this drain to decrease the pressure on Abe's head. A scheduling issue is not urgent. It sounds like the OR is pretty booked this week. She tried to schedule the pre-op and anesthesia visit and they were pretty full too. She is going to call me back in the morning. This is a bit frustrating however at least this time around we can prepare. The night that we drove the the Navy Hospital I had no idea that I would be delivering a premature baby. On Saturday Abe was not sucking on a bottle or binky too well. I debated calling the neurosurgeon however he just had a CT scan a few days ago so there is probably nothing they could have done at that time. He is better now. If he did not have an NG tube then I would have taken him to the ER since he would not have been able to eat. Poor oral intake is a sign of increased intracranial pressure. He did finally suck on his binky that night then fell asleep. Maybe he just was not interested when I tried to give it him. I guess I will never know if it was a true neuro sign or just a baby not interested. Maybe a stomach ache. He is back to his self now.

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