Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grandma visits

My grandma is here from Arizona. She thinks it is so cold here. I think mommy and I might a mild cold. We are both sneezing and mommy has a sore throat. I am recovering well from my surgery. Mommy still keeps a bandage over my head however my incision might be healed enough now for it to be removed. My monitor drives my grandma crazy because it alarms. I am doing fine but sometimes my sensor is not on my toe very well because I wiggle a lot. The home OT noticed that my right thumb was tight so she might make me a splint for it. Mommy is looking into some non-toxic therapeutic toys for me. Ones not made in China. It seems like all baby stuff is made in China or made out of all natural latex which mommy is allergic to. The home therapy people let me play with Christmas tinsel (with direct supervision). It is shiny and I like it however mommy feels that it is not safe for me or the cats. Also other babies play with it to. They wash it with bleach water but mommy still does not like it. She wants me to learn and develop but is a major germ a phobic. They are working on my hand/eye coordination. My doctor called Mommy yesterday I might get to switch to demand feeding (meaning I only have to eat when I am hungry) verses every 3hours day and night. Maybe mommy will get more sleep or worry that I am not getting enough and sleep at all. I know she won't let me go without eating trust me. Last week I 13 pounds 8 oz. I wonder how big I am this week. Mommy still puts me in newborn size but it's a tight fit. I think she is going to pack them away now. I am a big boy and want to wear big boy clothes. I have 2 hats that I can wear to cover my incision. Well I think mommy wants to try to take a nap now. My mommy has some new pictures she just needs to figure out how to upload.

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