Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update on eating

Abe is still not eating very much. He lost a little bit of weight however the xray to check the shunt only showed a belly full of gas. It is difficult to determine with him if this is neurological sign: shunt failure or a virus. I noticed a runny nose, sneezing, foul smelling gas and stool. He was very fussy during home visit with OT so she had to leave. he is better now. I think it is a virus because he wants to be held or in his bed. He feels warm but I don't show evidence of a fever. I know that fevers don't also occur. His doctor is going to call me today. She called the neurologist at Children's to discuss her findings from the exam yestersday. I really don't want to add formula in if it is something that will pass. If he is not eating well I don't see how adding this to the mix will make a difference

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