Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it time to Eat?

Abraham is doing better. He still has the NG tube in however has only required 1 to 2 feeds that way. also he seems to have ab appetite without the use of the Periactin. he is still spitting up however less than last week. He is constantly wanting to eat and is taking less time to eat. Thanks for the prayers. He appeared to have a virus and is better now. I am nervous with the RSV season coming but he will get immunized to protect from this. This vaccination is reserved for premature babies or infants with chronic conditions like heart problems. RSV is basically a cold. A baby could be hospitalized for this because babies are not able to cough up the thick mucus. I had this my first year working at Phoenix Children's as a nurses aide. i was super sick but did not require what an infant would. I floated to all the units then and in the winter I spent most of my time on the RSV unit. abe covered his face with a blanket this morning since we got up early for Bible study. I will have Glenn post it later. it is very cute

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