Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still not eating

In the last 12 hours he has not even finished one 4 oz bottle. He did breast feed at midnight however I don't think he got that much. He sees his doctor today at 1:45. I have been trying to figure out why he won't eat: is it infection, shunt failure or that he has reached an age where a different, higher functioning, portion of the brain would be responsible for hunger messages to be sent. What if he is tube feeding dependent. I question the quality of life if he will always require to be artificially feed for the rest of his life. He is responsive however is not meeting mile stones that other babies his corrected age, 4 months, are. I am also questioning why me, billions of women get pregnant, have healthy babies without any complications. Why were we selected to put through this? About a month ago I heard on the news that a 2 month old baby was found dead a few miles from the home. The mother was in jail. That child was not even given a chance. I am trying to live a normal life, clean the house, go to church, attend social functions, it just is difficult to go any where if he is not eating. I took some friends to the airport early today and would have been able to make it the women's bible study however I chose to stay home since he will eat better with limited distractions. I could not even get him to finish the bottle. What else can I do? I can't force him to eat if he won't (unless the NG tube goes back in). I am going to try to feed him again since he is waking up again.

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