Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our chunky baby

Abe is 11 pounds 4 oz now. His doctor commented on his double chin. He seems to be doing better than last week. We are still not sure what caused him to be unresponsive. His doctor thinks it might have been a seizure or related to excessive crying. Some kids cry so much and so hard that they pass out. She has seen this in 6 month olds. He is being referred to GI doctor (tube feeding and GERD management) and neurology (seizure work up). He is taking more by breastfeeding and bottle however he tends to spit up excessive amounts of milk after either. My milk production has slowed down, I think it's related to stress, lack of sleep and not having an opportunity to pump as much. when he was in the hospital the nurses could care for him while I pumped, now it's Glenn or me. When I asked his doctor yesterday, "should I do all bottles to get him off the tube feeding?" Her response was "no" he needs to continue to breastfeed as much as possible so that he can learn. I am so thankful that his doctor supports this. I also learned that there is a lactation consultant at Naval Hospital that is willing to assist us with breastfeeding. The therapy programs will only assist with bottle feeding infants. We met her briefly however Abe was sleeping after being poked 3 times for a blood work and then another 4 for immunizations. It might have been better to do blood work one day and immunizations another day. She set up an appointment with us for Friday. She is very nice and a former NICU nurse so she is use to dealing like Abe. The doctor cleared Abe to go to church however we ask that due to the risk of infection that people don't touch him. I know it's so tempting to touch an adorable baby however we would like him to be a little stronger. We might only go to bible school to see how he does in public. He seems to be affected by loud noises so the main church might be too much for him at this time.

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